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Getting started with “play to earn” with Fairy Cat!


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Fairy Cat is a new NFTs game model and aims to be amongst the best Play to Earn games in its genre to offer to the crypto gaming community “Easy to play, easy to earn” tendency. Fairy Cat is not only an amusing game, it also comes with social networking and job platform features due to strong community and play-to-earn chances on its initial success. With the benefits mentioned, Fairy Cat is expected  to be appropriate for whoever is looking for wholesome entertainment but also a potential source of income in the economic time affected by the post-Covid pandemic  and further future.

Furthermore, Fairy Cat wants to be community-based games, which means everything will be decided through a voting mechanism to ensure only the best features and functions are being added to the games for players.
The Fairy Cat Blockchain Game offers players and investors a very unique opportunity to collect, trade, battle and earn rare assets that greatly increase their income. Players can discover and adopt magical cats with different levels and powers called Fairy Cats.
There are 4 ways to play and earn money from Fairy Cat game:
Play games, do daily quests, join events.
Sell game materials collected from gaming and tournaments on
the marketplace.
Fusion, buy and sell the Fairy Cat characters on the marketplace.
Invite friends to get commissions.
The Fairy Cat game promises to bring to our players a fairer and more transparent gaming environment. They are planning to develop more features in the future and are always looking forward to players to contribute ideas in order to make the Fairy Cat more developed as well as create a better NFTs game world.

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